40 UP! : A Dice Game


1 The game "40 UP!" allows 2 players to roll the dice until they reach 40 and above points.
2 This game consists of alternate rounds. Under the score box, the game will provide the status of each player's turn and win.
3 Click the "Roll" button to start playing. The screen will randomly give dice points. The turns will be back and forth between you and another player.
4 Whoever reaches to 40 and above points will be declared as winner of the game. The game will restart to a new game.
5 Click on "Reset" button to restart the game.
6 When you need help about the game, Please click on the "Help" button.
7 Tip: The higher the points, the lesser rounds to play. This game is good to learn addition to 40. Enjoy! :)
P1's Score

P2's Score